Expand Economic Opportunities for Women

Adankpo Odile has brought awareness of microfinance to more than 100 women in her community. Adankpo organizes groups of women to receive financial counseling and form village savings and loans groups.

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Take Action to Expand Economic Opportunities for Women

Women in poor communities often face barriers that prevent them from participating in their countries' economies and from earning income to support themselves and their families.

Thanks to microsavings, women at the bottom of the world's economic ladder are finally gaining access to financial services that allow them to save and start income-generating businesses. CARE knows from experience that investing in the earning power of women yields large benefits in terms of family income and well-being. When women earn, everyone benefits.

You can help women around the world access tools and resources they need to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Please urge your representative to support legislation that expands economic opportunities for women.


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