Tell U.S. leaders to make workplaces safe for every woman


Deadline Approaching: Add your name before June 21, 2019 to tell U.S. leaders to make workplaces safe for every woman, everywhere.

Nearly half of all women around the world experience sexual harassment at work. This is not working.

Over 175,000 CARE advocates have stood in solidarity with women and girls everywhere to end violence and harassment in the workplace. Those in power heard us. This June, member states from around the world will vote on the first, global treaty to prevent and combat violence and harassment in the world of work.

Photo of a woman working in a factory

Sign the pledge and call on U.S. leaders to commit to ending this global injustice against women in all workplaces, both formal and informal, and ensure no woman is denied her right to safety.


We urge you to stand up against violence and harassment in the workplace by supporting the draft ILO Convention and Recommendation that ensures the most vulnerable workers across all sectors, including traditional and informal economies and workplaces, maintain the right to work free from violence and harassment.

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