Tell businesses to make workplaces safe for women


Tell U.S. leaders to make workplaces safe for women everywhere.

Violence and harassment against women and girls is a global issue. More than one-third of the world's countries do not have any laws prohibiting sexual harassment at work – leaving nearly 235 million working women vulnerable in the workplace. Yet there is no international legal standard specifically for protecting women at work from these abuses.

The International Labor Organization has taken the opportunity to end this crisis by introducing an international standard on violence and harassment in the world of work – the first step to building accountability on this issue globally.

Photo of a woman working in a factory

Add your voice now and call on the U.S. delegation to support a new ILO Convention and Recommendation, and commit to leading the effort to address violence and harassment in the world of work. Please join thousands of people around the world and add your name to the petition to end workplace violence.


We urge you to take a stand against violence and harassment in the workplace by supporting a new international convention to “End Violence Against Women and Men at Work.” Take a stand in support of women and girls to live a life free from violence everywhere.

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