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Mobilize against world hunger: Support the Global Food Security Act

With the shared understanding that educating girls around the world can help eradicate poverty, Hain Celestial personal care brands Alba Botanica®, JĀSÖN® and Avalon Organics® have joined forces with CARE® as Founding Partners of the Empower Her through Education campaign.

When a girl is hungry, focusing on anything – especially schoolwork – is a huge challenge for both her and her teacher. Girls all over the world suffer from chronic hunger and food insecurity, and poverty and access to nutritious food are real barriers to the start and completion of a girl’s education.

Hunger is an outrage and a solvable problem.


With your help, and help from people just like you, the Global Food Security Act (GFSA) has been passed. 

Now, stand with us and ask President Trump to work to ensure that the Global Food Security Strategy - which addresses global hunger by putting the focus on women and smallholder food producers, and leverages the sustainable use of natural resources to address global hunger - is fully implemented.

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