Feed millions more people without spending a penny extra

President Obama's FY14 International Affairs Budget request proposes game-changing reforms to the way that the United States provides food aid to hungry people around the world.

Right now, more than half of the aid money that our government spends on basic food grains is wasted — caught up in red tape, overhead costs, shipping fees, and more. Oftentimes, food is purchased from American farmers, shipped abroad, and then sold to raise money for poverty programs. This practice is not only incredibly inefficient, but it hurts local small-holder farmers, many of whom are women. Our current food aid system wastes taxpayer dollars and can cause deadly delays of up to four or six months before aid reaches communities facing food shortages.

President Obama's proposed reforms to our food aid system would end these wasteful practices and help millions more people feed themselves — all without costing taxpayers a penny extra.

But special interests are fighting to keep food aid the way it is — even though that means feeding fewer hungry people in the end. Help CARE make sure that your members of Congress don't fall for it. Tell Congress to support a strong international affairs budget and badly-needed food aid reforms to support women and their families in poverty efficiently and effectively.

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