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"It's a Man's World", "Girls Belong in Marriage, Not School"

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Peninah busts the all-too-common myth that "It's a Man's World"

Peninah Nthenya Musyimi grew up in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya in an atmosphere of low expectations and surrounded by violence and prostitution. She feared one day she'd have to join the women who sold their bodies to survive.

Peninah fought for her education and training all the way through law school. Then, she started an organization called, Safe Spaces, to help girls learn to lead through the power of sport. She has dedicated her life to empowering girls to overcome challenges by helping them sharpen their leadership and decision-making skills.

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Last year, CARE worked in 87 countries, carrying out long-term programs to fight poverty, responding to humanitarian emergencies and advocating for policy change to improve the lives of the poorest people.

At CARE, we seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security. That is why we place special focus on working alongside poor women. We know, equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help whole families and entire communities escape poverty.

A poor child, Peninah was so determined to achieve her dreams that she walked nine miles to and from school every single day. Her determination paid off! Peninah was the first person from her slum to qualify for college. Even though she didn't have enough money to attend; this didn't stop her. When Peninah discovered student-athlete scholarships were available, she learned how to play basketball in a month. Not only did she get that scholarship — and eventually go on to graduate from law school — but she played on Kenya's national basketball team!

It's women like Peninah who inspire us at CARE to continue our work empowering girls and women. We see the incredible obstacles they overcome every single day, and we strive to provide them with the opportunities to not only to lift themselves from poverty but pass on the tools and resources they've gained to help other girls and women do the same.

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Donate NowNujood busts the myth that "Girls Belong in Marriage, Not School"

Donate NowToday, 13-year-old Nujood Ali spends her days in school and nights at home with her parents and siblings. But that wasn't the case when she was married.

When Nujood was only 10 years old, her parents forced her to marry a man in his 30s, adhering to an age-old custom that women belong in marriage, not in school. On her wedding night, Nujood's husband raped and beat her every night.

In an act of extraordinary courage, Nujood spent her bread money on a taxi ride to a courthouse in Yemen's capital. She nervously waited until she finally found a judge who granted her a divorce. Though child marriage is illegal in Yemen, no one could recall a young girl standing up for her own rights like Nujood did.

In the wake of international publicity generated by Nujood's plight, Yemen's legal system stepped up enforcement of its child marriage laws. The case has had a ripple effect throughout the Middle East, too. In Saudi Arabia, an 8-year-old girl was granted a divorce from a man in his 50s thanks to the awareness prompted by Nujood's case.

Nujood, as it turns out, didn't just rescue herself. She inspired countless others to do the same. She also instigated accountability within governments to uphold the law to ensure girls are in school, not in marriage.

Please make a gift to CARE now to help empower poor girls and women to bust discriminatory myths and make the world better for everyone.

The world needs more women like Peninah and Nujood — and we're dedicated to making that happen!

On behalf of the millions of women, men and children who benefit from CARE's life-changing work every day, we thank you for your partnership.

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CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting poverty. In fiscal year 2010, CARE worked in 87 countries around the world, supporting 905 poverty-fighting projects to reach more than 82 million people. Ninety-one percent of CARE's expenditures go to programs empowering women and families in poor communities. CARE places special focus on working alongside poor women because, equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help whole families and entire communities escape poverty. Learn more about CARE's work.


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