Safeguard the future of women and families in crisis. Give now.

1 in 5 children around the world are living in or fleeing a conflict zone. Without more resources and support, more people will lose their livelihoods, futures, and lives.
  • In Ukraine, innocent families have been suffering from violence and war for more than two years.
  • In Sudan, people are starving in their homes too afraid of the deadly violence outside their doors.
  • In Gaza, mothers are worried their children will die from disease, if not from the bombs.
In every one of these places, CARE is there delivering lifesaving aid and defending the lives of mothers and their families. Your support today is critical to save lives and safeguard the future of those in crisis. Your support today is critical to save lives and safeguard the future of those in crisis.

We are the BEST in the world at what we do.
→ More than 90% of our expenses go directly to work that saves and transforms lives. Your donation does more when you give it to CARE.
→ We are one of the largest networks of humanitarians in the world. Your generosity reaches people in more than 121 countries.
→ 97% of our staff live in the countries or regions where we work. That means we can respond immediately to emergencies and stay long after the TV cameras leave. You are THERE when you give to CARE.
→ CARE has nearly 80 years of expertise in building community trust and developing solutions people need. Because of the size of our network, we can scale those solutions around the world. Your gift not only helps today … you create real change that lasts!
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From Gaza to Bangladesh to the United States, families impacted by disaster, conflict, and drought need clean drinking water.