Your Gift Matched To Go 5x As Far
Young boy sitting in dirt looking up

Urgent news from South Sudan: a famine has been declared. Thousands of people, especially children, are dying of starvation.

But right now, you have an exclusive opportunity, available only on our website, to change their fate.

Don't wait to pitch in – give by April 25 and your gift will be matched to go 5x as far. Your gift will immediately help the most vulnerable children in South Sudan and around the world:

  • $30 can provide a child with three warm, nutritious meals every day for three months.
  • $70 can provide extra nutrition for a pregnant woman in an emergency for six months.
  • $216 can provide six months of emergency health care at a mobile health clinic.
  • $405 can provide a monitoring kit to identify malnourished children in need of urgent care.

Donate now and make 5x the impact today.

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