Support Syrian refugees with life-saving voucher cards

Life-saving gifts so far:

The recent Presidential executive order that bans refugees from Syria puts the lives of those fleeing conflict and persecution at immediate risk.

Here's how you can still make a difference for the Syrians who are fighting for survival: Donate to CARE's voucher card program. Each donation will help provide a voucher card to Syrian refugees, which they can use to buy food and hygiene and household essentials. This is a kind of "modern day CARE Package®."

  • $70 can help a refugee family purchase emergency supplies – such as coats, blankets, heaters, fuel and other items – to keep warm during cold winter months.
  • $140 can help a refugee family purchase a gas heater and filled gas bottle to warm up freezing tents in the winter.
  • $355 can help a refugee start or expand a small business by attending a CARE vocational training as well as receiving cash support.
  • $490 can help a refugee parent cover the cost of sending a child to school for over three months.

Don't wait – give by April 25 and your gift will be matched to go 5x as far, up to our $350,000 goal.

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