House Appropriations Committee, Don't Cut Lives

Don't Cut Lives

Tell the House Appropriations Committee: #DontCutLives!

Members of the House Appropriations Committee are reviewing State and Foreign Operations Appropriations budget for the coming year.

Thanks to our advocacy, they have pushed back against the most extreme, life-threatening budget cuts – but we need to protect every dollar we can to save lives around the world, including the 30 million facing unprecedented famine.

Send your message right now to these committee members and call on them to protect this crucial budget from any cuts, and ensure America’s foreign assistance can continue to be a force for good around the world.


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Protect the State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill

To the members of the House Appropriations Committee, 

I am joining with CARE advocates to urge you to protect America's foreign assistance budget, and to call on you to mitigate any cuts to the State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill for FY18.

There has never been a more crucial time for our country to reaffirm its commitment to providing assistance and spreading stability around the world through foreign aid. More than 30 million people are currently facing starvation in an unprecedented four potential famines -- and in these devastating conditions, women and girls face the most vulnerability. Already these conditions have caused a cholera outbreak in Yemen, with one person dying nearly every hour on average.

Protecting this spending bill from the Trump Administration's proposed cuts will save millions of lives, not only through immediate relief assistance, but also by continuing to provide maternal health, economic development, education, and so much more.

Foreign aid saves lives -- and right now, it's time to save foreign aid. I call on Congress to protect foreign assistance funding in all budget negotiations and to pass a budget that protects lives, supports our national security and maintains our nation's leadership in the world.

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